Alexander for Congress

After prayer with my family and reaching out directly to the people of the 6th district, I am announcing my independent candidacy in the imminent special election to represent my fellow Georgians in the U.S. House of Representatives.

As a Christian rooted in the American working class, at an early age my family instilled in me a strong faith, trust in God, and to always value hard work, you work hard in pursuit of the American Dream.

Growing up I put the lessons my parents taught me into practice and began working at 11 years old with my first paper route. Since then I have been working alongside other Americans- I have seen first hand that the American people are the hardest working people. People that are often forgotten by our political process, but never cease to work regardless of who's in charge politically. 

I studied political science at Indiana University Northwest and completed my studies in Florida, where I received a Bachelor of Science in film. 

Following university, I began a career in the film and television industry as a Property Craftsperson (Credits on IMDB).  While working in the film and television industry, I was elected to the IATSE Local 44 Executive Board as a Property Craft Representative. 

Now living in Dunwoody, GA with my wife Adea DeCarlo and our 2 dogs, Baci and Lucia.

I am running for Congress to represent the People, to be a check and balance the powers of the other federal branches. Congress needs an independent voice  that will stand for the Constitution and stand for Georgians, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With your vote, I can be an independent voice for an independent people. I look forward to continuing to talk with my fellow Georgians to determine the best way we can meet the challenges ahead.

Congressional Campaign Committee for Alexander Hernandez